Childcare Centers

Understanding the critical importance of quality childcare, we are actively involved operators committed to preserving the legacy of your establishment. Our priority is to ensure the continuous success of your business for the benefit of your employees, customers, and the wider community. As self-funded partners, not reliant on institutional investors, we uphold the value that independently owned schools are pivotal in fostering a family-oriented culture.

Our goal is to become the preferred option for independently operated schools seeking responsible new leadership as their founders transition into retirement or shift their professional paths. While we have specific interests, we are also open to considering unique opportunities that may arise outside our primary focus.


Our mission in the education sector is to create a lasting positive effect, focusing on achieving enduring excellence in our schools. Central to our philosophy is offering children enriching educational experiences within a nurturing, attentive, and joy-filled setting. To achieve this, we're making substantial investments in the latest technology, expanding our dedicated team, enhancing compensation and benefits for our staff, and undertaking significant upgrades to our school facilities. This ensures that every child enjoys a supportive and engaging learning environment designed to meet their individual needs and foster their overall development.


Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition without disrupting the existing systems, or losing any families or teachers. We concentrate on offering support discreetly from behind the scenes. Our focus is on managing childcare centers that:

  • Have been established for 3+ years
  • Are licensed to serve at least 100 children
  • Current operate at 50-75% capacity
  • Generate a minimum of $250,000 in earnings

Our acquisition strategy is targeted towards childcare centers located in the Southeastern United States, with particular interest in:

  • North Carolina
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia

We prioritize the professional development and well-being of our staff by:

  • Encouraging the growth and career progression of long-term employees
  • Providing comprehensive medical benefits and opportunities for career advancement
  • Favoring internal promotions for administrative and leadership roles
  • Fostering a strong commitment to customer loyalty