We know what matters most: financial security for you and your employees as well as the continuity of the business you’ve spent years creating. Our goal is to make that a reality in the most efficient, fair, and flexible way possible.

Ease and flexibility of transaction

With extensive M&A experience on both the buy-side and sell-side of transactions, we can tailor the transaction structure to suit your needs and preferences, making the selling process as smooth as possible.


Since we don't have an investment committee, you'll be working directly with the only decision maker. This means you'll have a clear, streamlined process and the fastest possible path to completing a sale.


We are focused on a single acquisition that we intend to operate for the long term. We will dedicate our full attention and resources to the one business we acquire, ensuring its continued success.


As a former founder and operator of a small business, our president, Adam, intimately understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs as well as the complex emotions that go into selling something that you've dedicated so much to. This perspective guides the values of Racoma Strategies.

SELLER’S PROFIT You’ll see your money upfront with a major liquidity event upon close It could take a long time for you to take money off the table. Often tied to earnout and performance metrics, or the long-term, ongoing success of the business It could take a long time for you to take money off the table. Often tied to earnout and performance metrics as well as Seller’s continued role working as a manager for the buyer
TIME TO CLOSEFastest option possible with the potential to get from initial introduction to a completed transaction in under 3 months. You’ll be interacting directly with our only decision maker, so the process is quick and pain free6-12 month negotiation process involving several counterparties and approval required from investment committees9-12+ month negotiation process requiring several layers of approval and a protracted integration period
EASE OF TRANSACTIONThe deal structure is completely flexible to Seller’s needs and circumstances. We are able to easily adapt in order to create the most mutual benefitThe deal structure is driven by required return thresholds for investors and other strict requirementsThe deal is structured to protect the acquiring company from risk, which means a potentially disadvantageous situation for Seller
SELLER’S ROLE POST-CLOSINGExtremely flexible to Seller’s preferenceFull-time ongoing operating responsibility with strict investor oversiteRequired to stay on for extended time as a business unit manager working under a corporate structure
BUSINESS’S FUTURERemain an independent company with 100% of new owner’s focus and commitmentOne of many companies within a portfolio, often bought to be resold within 3-5 years after aggressive cost-cutting measuresSmall piece of a larger business, often with less autonomy and decreased ability to serve customers and employees
EMPLOYEES’ FUTUREHighly focused on retention as current employees will be critical to the business post-transaction. There will be significant opportunity for growth and promotionEmployment status at risk due to private equity cost cutting measuresEmployment status at risk as competitor will have their own employees and terminate those that are redundant
SOURCE OF CAPITALPersonal wealth and committed group of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individualsInstitutional Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Pension Funds that have limited time to generate specific returnsCompany performance and capital market cycle